Futures Guidance – briefly in English

Futures Guidance combines futures research methods with guidance-oriented thinking. The concept and tools of Futures Guidance are the result of the Finland Futures Research Centre’s various projects that have focused on the subject since 2009.

In Futures Guidance, the future is seen as an open phenomenon that can contain many different possibilities. Humans naturally like to think about and focus on the future, but future-oriented thinking can also be learned and taught. Futures Guidance provides people with the tools for thinking and acting in ways that enable them to focus on their future expectations while also preparing for different chains of events. Futures Guidance also helps people imagine their future selves and roles within their communities and environments. Instead of envisioning a singular future that is set on a linear path, the goal of Futures Guidance is to assess the future as a more comprehensive set of entities and nonlinear continuums.

The methods and tools of Futures Guidance are suited for e.g.:

  • Providing student guidance in various educational institutions
  • Providing support for coaching and guidance workshops
  • Providing workforce education for people who are switching fields or searching for their own field
  • Youth work
  • Working with immigrants and other special groups
  • All those who are interested in thinking about the future!

Some of our materials and tools have been translated into English, most notably the Get a Life simulation, which allows users to explore and imagine their future working life and educational paths.

For more information, please contact tulevaisuusohjaus@utu.fi.


Futures Guidance workbook in English:

Workbook (pdf) Futures exercises (pdf)

Futures Guidance workbook in Swedish:

Framtiden – full av möjligheter! En arbetsbok för framtidsvägledning (pdf)

Futures Guidance workbook in Russian:

Workbook (pdf) Futures exercises (pdf)

Futures Guidance workbook in Somali:

Workbook (pdf) Futures exercises (pdf)

Futures Guidance workbook in Farsi:

Workbook (pdf) Futures exercises (pdf)